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December 8, 2015

Dear Friends of LHOH,

In November 2009 the first letter from LHOH told of my call to "do something for the orphans in Limon" who were living in deplorable conditions in an abandoned hotel.  At the time of that letter, Leonarda's Home of Hope had been formed by ten people who hoped to make a difference in the lives of children in Honduras.  Our first and primary goal was to construct a new orphanage.  We hoped to make a difference in their living conditions, in their future, and possibly to assist other impoverished children in Central America.

Today I write to share with you the status of LHOH.  Feeling that major goals have been met by this foundation and that another foundation can more effectively fulfill LHOH's other goals, on November 14, the LHOH Board of Directors voted for the dissolution of Leonarda's Home of Hope.

Our accomplishments have included
  • Construction of a new home for the children of Comunión H, including new furnishings with a grant for beds, tables, chairs.
  • Five orphans at the home of Leonarda have received specialized medical care.
  • Eight orphans have graduated from private high schools.  Two are now attending university.
  • One to three containers of Stop Hunger Now food have been imported each year and distributed to Comunión H and to over 60 other centers where malnourished and hungry children are fed.
  • For two years since construction, LHOH has ensured that the new facility meets the needs of the children and that they have had opportunities for education and medical care.
At this time, a paramount goal of the Board of LHOH is to ensure a smooth transition of our work to another organization.  During 2016 LHOH will provide financial support to the Comunión H orphanage day-to-day operational needs in Limon as it has done in the past.  This will be done through a lump-sum payment in early 2016.  LHOH is negotiating with another charitable organization which works in Honduras so that three of our programs may continue:  Advanced Medical Care, Education of Children, and Stop Hunger Now Food.  In dissolving LHOH, the IRS requires that remaining funds of LHOH be disbursed to another 501 (c) (3) with programs similar to the current organization.  The LHOH Board of Directors believes this is best accomplished by transitioning to another charitable organization which serves children in Honduras.

For the many who have supported our work in Honduras, the LHOH Board wants to express our sincere gratitude.  Without your support our goals would not have been accomplished.  

God has surely blessed us through this opportunity.  And through this shared experience, I know He has blessed you as well.

God bless,

N. K. Hook, Jr.
Chairman, Board of Directors

The orphanage had been using an abandoned hotel with the children sleeping in three bedrooms. 



Abandoned hotel where the children lived

Now the children are living in a new home completed in November 2013.

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